Podgodz 222

Recorded 6 December 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Eureka Podcast, Cerg and Jermy, recorded a podcast!

Eureka Podcast #193

Winter TOP TIP: wear a toque (i.e. a wool hat, a beanie, a watch cap) when you sleep in the cold, it’s so nice.

It snowed in Vancouver. FREAKOUT! It’s going to snow Thursday. DOUBLE FREAKOUT.

Putting off fixing my Jeep ruined my day because I didn’t take the death car, but at least now I know what is wrong with it.

Found out my old mechanic is dead and the place was sold to people that seem to not be mechanics or speak english and are no longer Volkswagen specialists with is a long story.

Another challenger appears – Laughable app, for following specific comedians across multiple shows There is no way to monetize this without 1) selling new ads against other people’s shows, 2) Being completely fucking evil. From listener Jason.

Also from listener Jason, he asks “Usually I listen to podcasts in the order they are released in my feed. Podgodz is one of the few exceptions to this rule. I tend to listen to it as soon as the posts.”

I have been scoping out Windows based computers, because I want one that won’t suck and require ALL the adapters. – LAX




Add: -NONE-

Drop: -NONE- (Maeve in America?)

Updates: EUREKA!


Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good


Top 5 shows of the Week


Up for contention but not making the list this week

Defocused #125: Worth His Weight in Goldthwait (Scrooged)

The Incomparable #329: He’s More Man than Puppet (Star Wars Travesty Draft)

Roadwork #49: Listening in the Stock Room

Roderick on the Line #226: A Cocaine Aperture

This is That: Canadian Recruits

No Such Thing As A Fish #143: Edward Binbag-Hands

Night Attack #145: Poorboy (with Mikey Neumann)

Judge John Hodgkin: Live from Boston 2016 (with Ken Reid)


Top 5

5)   TV Guidance Counsellor #189: Angela Featherstone

4)   No Agenda #882: Fact Check False, #883: Throne Sniffing

3)  Skip to the End #59: Bad Santa 2

2)   Hello Internet #74: Black Mirror Season 3

1)   The Dana Gould Hour: The Dog That Caught The Car



GIO Top 5

5. Bertcast #209 Ari Shaffir and Steve Rannazzisi
4. No agenda #883 Throne Sniffing
3. ADS #471 My Dad Brought His Trumpet/ ADS #468 John C. McGinley
2. TVGC #190 Mark Gallagher
1. Sketchy #231 Jack and The Bean Stock

Also Runners: Smodcast #364, Race Wars Kermit The Gosnell, JRE #880 Jon Jones, JRE #881 Lee Camp,

Hate Ya Bro: N/A

Adds: Random Serling
Drops: N/A

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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.