Podgodz 221           

Recorded 29 November 2016

Worked very hard, that’s what no show last week.

Been off for a number of days, rematched The Venture Bros. and became reacquainted with my wife before dropper her off at the airport.


LAX Top 10


Add: Random Serling, TeeVee: Greetings form the Uncanny Valley (Westworld)

Drop:   How to do Everything

Updates: -none-


Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good

The Bugle #4005” Who Do I Bribe (maybe recompressed it a couple more dozen times?)


Top 5 shows of the Week


Up for contention but not making the list this week

Defocused #123 Check Me Out on Instagram at @dansucculents.

Hello Internet #73: Unofficial Official

The Incomparable #327: This Robot is Eisenhower (Twilight Zone)

Roderick on the Line #225: James Jacket

Reconcilable Differences #39: Rocks Aren’t Magic


Top 10

10) Defocused #122 The Einsteinium Research Podcast (The Nice Guys).

9)   CBC This is That: MP Names

8)   CBC This is That: Toboggan Registry

7)   No Agenda #880: Promise to Prosecute, 878 Pet a Pony

6)   No Agenda #879: Coup Cabal, 881: Ant Wars

5)    Liar City: A Carpenter and a Crane

4)   The Incomparable Game Show #49: We Love Our Listeners! (The Family Feud)

3)   Do By Friday: Schroedinger’s Gift (Weird shit from Amazon)

2)   TV Guidance Counsellor #188: Sean Tumblety

1)    Dead Pilots Society #3: Wunderland


GIO Top 10

10. Race Wars The View From Up Here
9. AOTH nuts in the sink
8. ACS #1954 Stephen Dubner
7. CLL #723
6. ACS #1959 Dennis Prager
5. Sketchy 228
4. ACS #1957 Dana Carvey
3. The 40 Year Old Boy, twenty five, year nine
2. Joe Rogan #877 Jordan Peterson
1. Bertcast #208 Stu Stone

Adds: JJGO, this week in geek, are you scared of these stories, get up on this, what say you, tsm radio

Drops: x files files, talk salad and scrambled eggs, literary disco, OG Kings, Megaboom, save it for air, this week in geek, back to work (turkey fight), radiolab, the moth,

Also Runners: what’s this Tao all about #27, TV Guidance #188 Sean t. From 2015!?, WTF Michael Shannon, No Agenda 878 – 881 , reasonable doubt 71, Gilmore Guys #7.21

Hated: longshot Thanksgiving ep and mailbag episode


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.