Podgodz 220          

Recorded 15 November 2016

So, how about that election, eh?

Ran out of pod because I was working Monday and Tuesday.

The troll in me greatly loved everyone American, well, the Democrats, freaking the fuck out. They need a safe space! Don’t trigger them!

Saw Dr. Strange

Watched all of Black Mirror

Started watching Jessica Jones again



Top 5 shows of the Week

Lax Top 5

5)    Election Profit Makers #17: This is what it sounds like when Daves Cry (final episode)

4)   TV Guidance Counsellor #187: Negin Farsad

3)   Unjustly Maligned #66: General Hospital with Rachel Noel Fox

2)   The Incomparable Game Show #48: Inconceivable Don’t Read the Creepy Old Book

1)    No Agenda #876 Election Special, #877 The Angries


Up for contention but not making the list this week

TV Talk Machine #106: Nothing Was Working

The Talk Show #172: Holiday Party with Merlin Mann

the Incomparable #326: Likable Jerkability (The Right Stuff)

You’re the Expert: Astrophysics and Predicting the Future (with Bitchy Ken Reid)

No Such Thing as a Fish #139: Lobster Nappy



GIO Top 5
5. No Agenda 877
4. TFATK 205 Dana Gould
3. Bertcast #206 Steve-O
2. TFV Top 5 OCD Characters
1. ACS 1949 with Ed Begley and ACS 1950 with Dana Gould

Also Runners: ARIYNBF ‘Mr. Privacy…’, ARIYNBF Georgie and Karen of MAM, YMIWWPH Whitmer Thomas, RD #69, JRE 870 Bert, ADS 455, Carcast 846, AD 360, Ari’s Skeptic Tank #284 Bert is fat, TV Guidance #187, AOTH Nick Offerman returns.

Hate Ya Bro: CUPodcast #85 Sans Ian the cohost, not good, HarmonTown 219 and 220, This Life 55 Post Election insanity, NNF 1914 – Brian Huskey, ACS #1947 Glynn Washington interview (yikes!), Probably Science most recent two eps, TV Guidance #187 (the hypocritical racist parts).

Dropped: Harmontown (again, again), Probably Science, Never Not Funny (again, again, again)
Added: High and Mighty


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.