Podgodz 218

Recorded 2 November 2016

Too $hort’s Boombox

You’re the Expert returns

Do By Friday launches

Avoiding podcasts because Dr. Strange and Black Mirror

Ran out of pod hard Monday morning


Lax Top 5


Add:      Maeve in America

Do By Friday



Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good

The Dana Gould Hour: The Ghost & Mr. Halloweenery (minus the Ken Reid bits)


Top 5 shows of the Week

Up for contention but not making the list this week

Hello Internet #72 64 Pairs of Underwear

No Such Things as a Fish #137: Churchill’s Secret Parrot

You’re the Expert: Making Decisions

No Agenda, listened to 873 at least 4 times


Top 5

5)    Roadwork #47: Man of East and West

4)   Hello Internet #71: The Trolly Problem

3)   Defocused #120: The Transitive Property of Dan

2)   Bonanza #30: Thursday Night in Rural England

1)    Roderick on the Line #222: Batik of Problems


GIO Top 5

#5 OMFG #105 Jason Manzouks/Dana Gould Hour Halloween w/ Ken Reid
#4 ADS #446 and #447
#3 ACS #1938 Brian H
#2 After Disaster #358
#1 ACS #1836 Ben Shapiro

Also Runners: Sketchy 224, TFATK #202, ARIYNBF SD #5, WTF #754 Ron Howard, No Agenda #873, TVGC 3rd annual Halloween special, Race Wars Sexual Bruisin, ARIYNBF Halloween buffoonery, Cinemaddicts #44, TFATK #203 John McGinley.

Hate ya: JRE #867 Joe doesn’t know about onnit jump ropes.
Adds: Dino and Andy Skull Juice

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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.