Podgodz 203 (CCIII)

Recorded 19 July 2016

Nextcast thoughts (Laxdude: Crusher of Dreams)

Policing thoughts

Ghostbuster thoughts

Top 5 shows of the Week – LAX


Up for contention but not making the list this week


Hello Internet #66: A Classic Episode

Roderick on the Line #208: Coney Island Horniness

No Agenda #843: Save the Date


Top 5

5) Reconcilable Differences #30: Captain of the Living Room

4) Game Show: Low Definition: Hell is Other People’s Words

3) Defocused #105: The Definitive Guide to Winging it (JJ Trek)

2) TV Guidance Counsellor #161: Guy Branum

1)  The Incomparable #309: Boats in Space (spaceship draft)



  1. Steve Agee UHHH #62 Matt Besser
  2. ADS #377 and #378
  3. Reasonable Doubt #52 Christopher Darden/ TV Guidance Counselor #161
  4. ACS #1860 David Wild and Caleb Pressley
  5. ACS #1861 and ACS #1862


Also Runners: FATK #168 Ed O’Neill, Alison Rosen Jonah Ray Returns, Steve Agee Uhhh #61 Michael Rosenbaum, The 40 Year Old Boy Episode Eight Year Nine, OTH ‘He’s What They Call Turnt’, Nerdist #816 Paul Dini, JRE #823, NNF 1822.

Hate You Bro! : Race Wars “What The Fuck You Doing Eyeballing Me”, Fitzdog #569 Mike Gibbons.

Adds: Battleship Pretension

Drops: Battleship Pretension, Loveline, Classic Loveline


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.


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