Podgodz 201 (CCI)

Recorded 28 June 2016

Do foam mattresses give you cancer, mattresses like Casper(tm) Mattresses?

Had a glorious day off

Complete lack of Pod due to holidays

PodGodz v2 -02a


Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good

This Life with Dr. Drew and Skeletor (in a hat) #36 Shelly Sprague (fuck you Skeletor)

Surprisingly Awesome #16: Follow-ups (Do sponsors give you cancer?)


Top 5 shows of the Week

Up for contention but not making the list this week

Accidental Tech Podcast #176: Yellow Sock Time

Road Work #34: China Pig

No Such Thing as a Fish #120: No Such Thing as HMS Kevin

Top 5

5) Reconcilable Differences #29: Six Fax Machines

4) Liar City Games People Play: The Quiz-Show Scandals

3) No Agenda #838: Hillary and the Vase, #839: Spatchcock

2) TV Guidance Counselor #158: Monique Powell (Save Ferris)

1)  The Incomparable #307: Mascot Hands (Cool Cat Saves the Kids)

GIO Top 5

  • 5. Race Wars “NY’s Last Bad Boy”
  • 4. Mike Carano #148
  • 3. ADS #369 Lettuce Amuse You/AD The Meh Canyon
  • 2. The 40yr Old Boy ep 6, yr 9
  • 1. ACS #1849 Ireland
  • Also ran: Danny and Mike “one shot” #4, CBB #430 “Bone Queef”, TV Guidance #158, WTF #720 Joe Dante and John Carpenter, I4H #245 and #246, Fitzdog Radio the return of Marc Maron and return of Bert Kreischer, CinemAddicts Week 26, Bertcast #185/186, HarmonTown #202, NNF John Butler.
  • Hated it!: Harmontown #201 “black woman against over here”

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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.