GLL Episode 647

CLL #647 (feat. God Lives Underwater)

03/23/1998 – Monday Night Show

Source Melissa Tape (2014) merged with a Kevin Tape (2016)

This is a newly recovered episode, brand new to the archive and nearly 100% complete thanks to the new Kevin and Melissa Tapes, the date is 75% certain it could be 03/22/1998 the Sunday night show but no context clues were discovered to reveal that, for now #646 is missing and could be lost forever.

This is the only known appearance the band made on LoveLine, though they could have a lost episode or even a pre Adam era episode also lost to time. Classic Ep!

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From Wiki: God Lives Underwater was an industrial rock band from rural Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia), formed in 1993 by band members David Reilly and Jeff Turzo. God Lives Underwater was originally signed to American Recordings after being discovered by Rick Rubin, who subsequently produced the band’s first two albums. Prior to the band’s breakup, there were two other members, Andrew McGee and Adam Kary.

The band produced an extended play (EP) in 1995. Later that year, they released their first studio album, Empty. In 1998, they released another studio album, Life in the So-Called Space Age. It was their first and only album to ever chart, peaking #6 on Heatseekers, and #137 on the Billboard 200. Later that year, the released their second EP, Rearrange. In 2004, God Lives Underwater released their last album, Up Off The Floor. David later re-united with drummer Adam Kary in Philadelphia and created Fluzee. The two wrote and recorded a 7 track CD entitled “Seven” Recorded in Kary’s Philadelphia house, it was sold in limited edition online. They put together a live band to play a few shows in Philadelphia. David on guitar and vocals, Adam on guitar and backing vocal, Melissa Zahnweh on bass and Pat Haslup on drums. One year later, lead singer David Reilly died in his sleep, after the band’s breakup.

Music Provided by Rich Banks

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