Podgodz 196

Recorded 25 May 2016

Good god I am tired.


LAX Top 5

Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good

99% Invisible, Dr. Drew and Skelator (in a hat) Podcast


Up for contention but not making the list this week

Acidental Tech Podcast #170: Casey Beats John, 29-29

Defocused #98: Look I So Lolcats To Young Eyes? (The Mummy)


Top 5

5) No Agenda #827: ELBOOB

4) Bonanza #17: Portable Mechanical Bulls for Moments of Solitude

3) Defocused #97: A Trunk Full of Captain America Juice.

2) Reconcilable Differences #26: One Dollar Cat

1)  TV Guidance Counsellor #151: Ben Edlund


GIO Top 5


  1. The 40-Year-Old Boy Year 8 interlude/ TV Guidance Counselor #151
  2. Sketchy #209 and #210
  3. Phone booth fighting #31 Adam Carolla/ B.E.E. – John Carpenter
  4. RD #44 Whitey might Riot
  5. The Adventures of Danny and Mike One Shot #3

Also Runners: CBB $20 Rogue Wave and Haley Joel Osment, Fatman #129,

Did not care for it: Harmontown #197, CBB #423, Gilmore Guys #701 and #702 194 and 172 min.? Nerdist #789, Nerdist 805


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.