Podgodz 195

Recorded 16 May 2016

Captain America: Civil War

Eureka Ends

Looking for a film podcast

Schmidt Update (what’s gone wrong this month?)

‘Podcasters’ bitching and moaning to Apple about needing intrusive data.

Ken Reid’s Vanity Project Album – 20 May



Add: Making It, Skip to the End /Film, The Way I heard It.

Drop: None

Updates: None


Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good

Eureka Podcast Special Announcement May 7: BOOOOOOOOO


Top 5 shows of the Week


Up for contention but not making the list this week

Roadwork #28: Casual Shinto Exposure

TV Talk Machine #81: So Much Weird Stuff Is Happening Right Now

Roadwork #27: The Vampire Cross

Roderick on the Line #199: The Wrong Kind of Warlock


Top 5 Lax

5) Podcast Without Pretense #150: Explicit doesn’t begin to describe this episode

4) The Irrelevant Show: 6 May 2016 Our First Show in Kelowna

3) TV Guidance Counselor #148: Jordan Handren-Seavey, #149: Brian Gordon

2) The Incomparable #300: The Incomparable is People

1)  Eureka Podcast #163: Is Somebody Cuttin’ Onions?


Top 5 Gio

#5 – ACS #1820 and ACS #1821
#4 – ADS #338: For The Birds/ TV Guidance #150
#3 – ARIYNBF – Mike Schmidt
#2 – Dr. Drew Podcast #223
#1 – Dr. Drew Podcast #224 with Mike Carano/The 40yr Old Boy Episode 52, year eight

Also Up for Contention: TV Guidance Counselor Eps; 148, 149, 149.5, Roderick #200, JRE #798, Jesse vs cancer 46 parts 1 and 2, WTF #707 Natasha Leggero, AD #334 bear patrol, NNF 1813, Carcast #819 Josh Barnett, ARIYNBF Alison’s Potato face.

Hate Ya! This Life #29, JRE #800 bobcat, JRE #799, The Cannon ‘Se7en’ YMIW Alex Borstein


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.