Podgodz 194

Recorded 2 May 2016

Loveline finally gets walked behind the shed – Lax

Lax Just Made GIO cry – Gio


LaxDude Top #5

Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good

Adam Carolla Show: Live from Vancouver


Up for contention but not making the list this week

Road Work #26: A Glorious Revolution

Roderick on the Line #197: Diamond Holes

Dune Reads Goosebumps: My Best Friend is Invisible Parts 1&2

99% Invisible #210: Unseen City

TeeVee #155 S6E1 “The Red Woman”


Top 5

5) GIO (no# 29 April 2016) Goodbye Loveline

4) The Irrelevant Show: April 29, 2016

3) Defocused #94: Make Sanford Great Again (Hot Fuzz)

No Agenda #821: Manteruptors

2) TV Guidance Counselor #146: Teresa Ganzel

TV Guidance Counselor #147 Matt Donaher

1)  Eureka Podcast 162: I Turned 35 & Now Love Yard Work


GIO Top 5

#5 TFV Top 5 radio movies
#4 TV Guidance Counselor #147
#3 JRE #791 Steve Schirripa
#2 AD #332 The Last Ride Of Whisky Pete/Sketchy #207 All dogs go to heaven
#1 Loveline Final episode

Also Runners: The Longshot #1107, The Incomparable #298, Fitzdog Radio Mark McGrath returns, The 40yr old boy Episode Nineteen Ninety Nine, Never Not Funny #1811 Paul Reiser, Anna Farris #23 Manzouks!, TFATK Frank Mir, You Made It ‘Weird Andy Samberg, WTF #701 Steve-O, Nerdist Patrick Stewart #3, defocused #92, FCOL You Liked it and she just needs therapy eps, Dune Reads #1 and #2.

Hate Ya Toe! The Longshot #1110, WTF 700 parts 1 and 2, Incomparable #298 – The Cunt who runs things.


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.