Podgodz 193

Recorded 18 April 2016 – started, god knows when… 2015?

I ran out of pod, HARD, two and three weeks back. Went back to You Look Nice Today, from the start, Flop House and Serious Eats from the start as well as old episodes of No Such Thing as a Fish


Lax is Down to 450 MB

GIO is Up to 10.16gb


LAX Top 5


Add: KCRW’s Good Food. Couple of Things Podcast, The Mortified Podcast, No Such Thing As A Fish (QI), NosillaCast, Adventures in Space and Tim (SPAAAAAACE), You’re The Expert

Drop: This Life with Dr. Drew and Skelator in a Hat


Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good


Top 5 shows of the Week

Up for contention but not making the list this week

The Flop House #201: Vice

TV Guidance Counselor #144: Tommy Rico (or #144 Paul Dini and Misty Lee)

Roadwork #25: A Pint Glass Full of Meatballs

The Irrelevant Show: Our First Vancouver Show


Top 5

5) Top Scallops: Mildly Preferable to Hunger

4) The Sportful Serial Parody: Investigating An Office Fridge Theft

3) Eureka Podcast #160: Crank Up the Reverb

2) Eureka Podcast #161 As Seen on the Cover of Men’s Fitness

1)  The Incomparable #294: Science Is Never Frightening (Gog: 1954)

The Incomparable #295: A History of Things That Never Happened (Rogue One trailer)

The Incomparable #296 The Official Batman


GIO Top 10

  1. Dana Gould: Nuts and Dolts
  1. Race Wars Coleslavs/JRE #781 Kevin Rose
  1. This Life 24: Andy Dick/TV Guidance #143 & #144
  1. The 40yr old boy Episode(s) Forty-Eight, Year Eight, Forty-Nine, Year Nine
  1. FCOL ‘I’m A Creep’
  1. TV Guidance Counselor 145
  1. After Disaster #330
  1. Bertcast #170
  1. Mike Carano 136

1. ACS 1797


Also Runs: Defocused #86 Bad Movie Soup, Chewing It! Jay Chandrasekhar

Hated: Harmontown, How Did This Get Made


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.