Podgodz 191

Recorded 15 March 2016

TV: House of Cards, The Venture Bros.

New Job

Overcast 2.5

Started at 9.6 gigs, down to 2.4.





Drop: I dropped the Monday Morning Podcast and Rocket, Lazy Dr. Who and Cato Daily are soon to follow.

Updates: The Bugle! Max Fundraising


Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good

Shows breaking format, just doesn’t make me happy. A political guest on Eureka, a music guest on TV Guidance Counselor.


Top 5 shows of the Week


Up for contention but not making the list this week

TV Guidance Counselor – all the great episodes.

Accidental Tech Podcast – all the great episodes

Reconcilable Differences #20 and #21


Top 5

5) Eureka Podcast #155: Lift & Wash #156: Sgt Toddler slaughter

4) Bonanza #16: They Call us ‘The Beenbaggers’

3) Top Scallops: Merlin can’t do a theme podcast.

2) Defocused #86: Bad Movie Soup #87: Hollywood Tortoise (Torque with Adam Lisagor

1)  Dana Gould Hour: Look Back in Languor (Ken Reid/Greg Proops). Roderick on the Line #192: King of Tahiti



  • 10. JRE #756 Gad Saad
  • 9. AD #325 Stallin’ Out
  • 8 . Far Out #263 & #264
  • 7. This Life #16 Stehpanie Wilder Taylor, This Life #18 Shelly Sprague
  • 6. TV Guidance #139 Christine Lakin
  • 5. Probably Science #199 Rick Rosner
  • 4. TV Guidance #125, #127, #138
  • 3. How Did This Get Made #130 ‘Teen Witch’
  • 2. Dana Gould Hour ‘Look Back in Langour’
  • 1. ADS #313 Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse/ACS #1777


  • Also Runners: JRE #772 Mark and Chris Bell, Race Wars Mile High Loser Club, Fitzdog Radio Duncan Trussel, How Did This Get Made #131 The covenant, Sketchy #201 Spider-Man, Fatman on Batman #116 Paul Dini
  • Hate Ya’ Bro!:
  • News, six degrees of feature film is up to episode #20, CinemAddicts at week #10.
  • Adds: phone booth fighting


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.