Podgodz 189

Recorded 9 Feb 2015

Fuck FedEx: The Update

All backed up on Bill Burr


Piezo Update

At 2.44 gigs…damn


Up for contention but not making the list this week

No Agenda Show #799: War on Serif

Extra Hot Great #105: Ringing In A New Season Of Better Call Saul


Top 5

5) Eureka Podcast #152: A Face That Needs to be Punched

4) Defocused #84: The Middle of Norwhere

3) TV Guidance Councilor: #133: Sean Sullivan (the lost 2nd Anniversary Special) #134 David Mogolov

2) Top Scallop #9 We’re Not an Old Sicilian Woman, #10: There’s An Old Guy Going Crazy

1)  The Incomparable #287: Hole Farmers (Bad Trek Movies)


GIO Top 5

  1. Far Out #261 Showdown at the El Dorado
  2. Bertcast #162 Pete Holmes
  3. ACS #1755 Dana Gould
  4. ACS #1754 Jay Mohr
  5. TV Guidance counselor #134

Also Runners: This Feels Terrible #67, CBB #401

Hate Ya Bro: WTF #681

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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.