Podgodz 187

Recorded 19 January 2015

Found another Podcast about Podcasts (Podcast Digest)

Chewing the Fat from WBEZ becoming Chewing, an independent podcast

Dune Read Goosebumps




Add: 3 Guys 3 Questions, Podcast Digest, Unhelpful Suggestions, Eli the Tech Guy, SarcasTechCast

Drop: Podcast Playlist from CBC, Sampler from Gimlet

Updates: Back on Back to Work. Serial: Meh. Dana Gould Episode

Down to 1.1 gigs on my phone.

Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good

Top 5 shows of the Week

Up for contention but not making the list this week

Accidental Tech Podcast #153: Larger, Less Portable Pastures, #154 A Rich Toddler’s Toys

Defocused #80 Peak Pleather (Swordfish),  #81 Red Dirt and Expectations (Martian/Mad Max)

TV Talk Machine #67: Dinosaur Ship

The Flop House #196: Aloha

Hello Internet #56: Guns, Germs, and Steel

Reconcilable Differences #18: It’s Devastating

Teevee #135: The Expanse S1 E5-8


Top 5

5) Incomparable #284: She Scullys Herself (X-Files), #285 The Answer is One Elephant (comic book club)

4) Road Work #18: Seized by the Demon/Roderick on the Line #186: Electric Papers

3) Ken Reid #129: Nick Lavallee, #130 Dan Savage

2) Eureka Podcast #149: Unprivileged Eye, #150 Twitter is Where Boobs Go w/ Brian Flanagan of Liar City Podcast

1)  Top Scallop #7: Oatmeal and Blood Broccoli


GIO Top 5


#5 Ace On The House The Positive side of Abrasive/ Jesse vs cancer #31

#4 Reasonable Doubt #28

#3 Fatman on Batman #109 Matt Kennedy (Gits/Joker/Kirby)

#2 Bertcast #157 Christopher Titus

#1 The Adam Carolla Show #1747, The Original Kings of podcasting S2E9


Also Runners: CinemAddicts Week 4, AD #319, JRE #751, Afterpod, chewin it Brittany Daniel returns, bertcast #158 JessiMae Peluso, FCOL ‘Progress reports’, Dana Gould Hour HappySad, Sketchy #198, ARIYNBF Jake Fogelnest.

Hated: Harmontown #181 and #182, Race Wars Moesha Eyes, JRE #753 Hannibal Buress, X Files, Files #36 pt.1, how did this get made 128, You Made It Weird #300. Jesse vs. Cancer 31 (dick pic rant) Dana Gould Hour.


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.