Podgodz 186

Recorded 19 January 2015

Get ready for the Podgodz LLC Diversity Report: Your Privilege is about to be checked.


Add: Pilot, Sampler, Podcast Playlist (from CBC)


Updates: Answer Me This (upgraded from Time Killer to Every Day), Sincasts continues. Extra Hot Great/Previously.tv increasing their roster of pod.

Down to 521mb on my phone.



LAX – Top 5 shows of the Week

Up for contention but not making the list this week

Accidental Tech Podcast #152: Dady Didn’t Want the Good Graphics Card

Extra Hot Great 13 January 2016: One More But That’s It

Eureka Podcast #148: The Hamas of the HOA

Roderick on the Line #185: I reject Potatoes

Reconcilable Differences #17: Don’t Touch the Banana

No Agenda #790: Climate Disobedience


Top 5

5) TV Guidance Counselor #125: Ben Blacker

4) Road Work #17: Knob and Tube House

3) Hello Internet #55: Element Zod

2) The Irrelevant Show: The Google…

1)  Top Scallop #6: Cooking with Ra’s al Ghul


GIO Top 5

5# CinemAddicts Week #2

4# AOTH John BarleyCoooooorn, You Mom’s house #326

3# TFV Sundance Preview 2016/The 40 Year Old Boy Episode Thirty Six, Year Eight

2# ADS #301 “You Can’t Get Pregnant That Way”

1# You Made It Weird Garry Shandling

Also Ran: Nerdist #782 Will Sasso Parts, Reasonable Doubt 25 and 26, ARIYNBF April Richardson, Smodcast #345 A Letter From 1984,

Hate You Bro: Nerdist #782 April Richardson parts, not all. Race Wars Size 15 Jimmy Choos,

Add: Top Scallops

Drop: Top Scallops


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.