Podgodz 176

Recorded 20 October

Cleared a lot of Moth and Story Collider along with some Radio Lab.

Joe Reid returns to Extra Hot Great.

Defocused moves to The Incomparable.



Top 5 shows of the Week – LAX

Up for contention but not making the list this week

Accidental Tech Podcast #139: I’ve Seen This Train Before

Cortex #15 Tempest in a Teapot

Dana Gould Hour: Bride Of Halloweenery!

Hello Internet #49: Rabble-Rousing

TV Guidance Counselor #109: Matt Kirshin (bitten by being banked)


Top 5

5) Defocused #68: Souls for Her Feet (Ghost Busters 2)

4) Stop Podcasting Yourself #396: John Hodgkin and John Roderick

3) Roderick on the Line #175: Backwards at Half Speed

2) TV Guidance Counselor #110: Halloween Special 2015 with Lamont Price (The Midnight Hour)

1)  Bonanza! #14: Lock the Doors



  1. ADS #282 Enabling
  2. Dune Reads Blob that ate everyone part 2
  3. A Fire Inside Out ‘Crash Love’
  4. ACS #1680 Sklar Bros.
  5. ACS #1683 Wayne Federman

Also run: JRE #710 Gavin McInnes, JRE #711 Redban, TVGC #110, Dana Gould bride of halloweenery, Sketchy #191 tales from the cryptkeeper, harmontown #167
Hate you: JRE 707 Mike dowd.

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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.