MacGyvCast 151

MacGyver (2016)

“Young Angus “Mac” MacGyver creates a clandestine organization within the U.S. government, relying on his unconventional problem-solving skills to save lives.”


Large Blade

Season 1, Episode 13

Airdate: Jan. 13th 2017

“On the way back from capturing a war criminal, Mac and Jack’s helicopter crashes in a remote area of Kazakhstan, injuring their pilot and allowing their prisoner to escape with Jack’s gun. Using a large blade and a water bottle, MacGyver must get help as the pilot’s condition worsens and before the war criminal takes them as prisoners.”

MacGyvCast 150

MacGyver (2016)

“Young Angus “Mac” MacGyver creates a clandestine organization within the U.S. government, relying on his unconventional problem-solving skills to save lives.”


Season 1, Episode 12

Airdate: Jan. 6th 2017

“Using a screwdriver and bug spray, MacGyver must find the U.S. government mole who is leaking classified intel to the organization that is trying to take down The Phoenix Foundation. Also, Sarah returns to help with the mission, and Nikki reappears, but Mac can’t tell which side she’s on.”

MacGyvCast 149

MacGyver (2016)

“Young Angus “Mac” MacGyver creates a clandestine organization within the U.S. government, relying on his unconventional problem-solving skills to save lives.”


Season 1, Episode 11

Airdate: Dec. 16th 2016

“Using a microwave and a power strip, MacGyver and Jack look for Riley when she disappears after hacking into the NSA, possibly starting World War III.”

MacGyvCast 148

MacGyver (2016)

“Young Angus “Mac” MacGyver creates a clandestine organization within the U.S. government, relying on his unconventional problem-solving skills to save lives.”


Season 1, Episode 9

Airdate: Nov. 18th 2016

“With only a chisel and matchbook, MacGyver and team must defend themselves the U.S. embassy workers in Latvia from extremists who are attempting to retrieve their leader. Also, Bozer faces a big decision now that he knows who Mac really is.”


Season 1, Episode 10

Airdate: Dec. 9th 2016

“MacGyver uses pliers to rescue the kidnapped prodigy from his old middle school.”

MacGyvCast 147

MacGyver (2016)

“Young Angus “Mac” MacGyver creates a clandestine organization within the U.S. government, relying on his unconventional problem-solving skills to save lives.”

Can Opener 

Season 1, Episode 7

Airdate: Nov. 4th 2016

“MacGyver is tasked to go undercover as an inmate in a maximum security prison to break out El Noche, a notorious drug kingpin, using only batteries and salt, and track him to his cartel’s secret location and dismantle it.”


Season 1, Episode 8

Airdate: Nov. 11th 2016

“When MacGyver comes face to face with Murdoc, an international assassin hired to kill him, Mac must defend both himself and Bozer, armed with only a corkscrew and paper towel rolls. Also, Bozer feels completely betrayed when he finally learns Mac’s true identity.”

MacGyvCast 146

MacGyver (2016)

“Young Angus “Mac” MacGyver creates a clandestine organization within the U.S. government, relying on his unconventional problem-solving skills to save lives.”


MacGyvCast 145

MacGyver (2016)

“Young Angus “Mac” MacGyver creates a clandestine organization within the U.S. government, relying on his unconventional problem-solving skills to save lives.”


MacGyvCast 144

MacGyver (2016)

“Young Angus “Mac” MacGyver creates a clandestine organization within the U.S. government, relying on his unconventional problem-solving skills to save lives.”


MacGyvCast 143

MacGruber (2010)

Unrated Cut

“Former special operative MacGruber is called back into action to take down his arch-enemy, Dieter Von Cunth, who’s in possession of a nuclear warhead and bent on destroying Washington, D.C.”


MacGyvCast 142

Young MacGyver (2003)

TV Movie (Lost Pilot Episode)
“Angus Macgyver’s nephew quits school and joins The Phoenix Foundation. But he finds it difficult to follow in the shoes of his famous uncle.”

young_macgyver_tv-899005609-large young-macgyver-cover



MacGyvCast 141

MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday 

Airdate: Nov. 24th 1994
“A close friend of MacGyver is murdered. In searching of a reason for this assassination, MacGyver discovers a secret nuclear weapons plant right in the center of Britain.”


MacGyvCast 140

MacGyver: Lost Treasure of Atlantis 

Airdate: May 14th 1994

“MacGyver and his former college professor are first hunting some artifacts attributed to Zenon, an ancient scientist from Atlantis, and later the lost city of Atlantis itself.”

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MacGyvCast 139

The Mountain of Youth

Season 7, Episode 14 

Airdate: May 21st 1992

“A prophecy predicts that a resourceful man (MacGyver) from the west follows another man (Jack Dalton) to an Ammukash Valley that is supposed to hold the Fountain of Youth. The Valley is, in MacGyver’s own words, “Kabulstan, a very hostile third world country that does not like strangers”. The prophecy says that the resourceful man has something to do with the destiny of the people of the valley.”


MacGyvCast 138

The Stringer

Airdate: April 25th 1992

“MacGyver and his young Chinese friend are again at odds with Chinese criminals over labor regulations. During his investigation, Mac is helped by a photojournalist biker named Sam. It turns out that Sam has more than just a passing interest in MacGyver – he believes that MacGyver is his father!”


MacGyvCast 137

Off the Wall 

Season 7, Episode 12

Airdate: Dec. 30th 1991

“Dempsey & Magruta: Law Offices – someone picks their way in there, does some vandalism and goes through the drawers and file cabinets until he finds the file he’s looking for. MacGyver pays the bail on a young “graffiti artist”. A Rich Businessman in a limo is upset at his underling because he has bought the entire slum area and wants to tear it down but can’t because an old lady is contesting the eviction notice served by the underling. The underling calms him down by saying that the Judge threw the case out because the old lady did not have a solid case. It’s MacGyver to the rescue again…”


MacGyvCast 136

Gunz ‘n Boyz

Season 7, Episode 11

Airdate: Dec. 16th 1991

“Rival street gangs in MacGyver’s neighborhood are recruiting teenagers to sell crack to get money to buy guns with which to wipe out their rivals. Naturally, MacGyver has to solve the problem. Because there is no problem solving of which is too unrealistic for MacGyver.”

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MacGyvCast 135

Split Decision

Season 7, Episode 10 

Airdate: Dec. 2nd 1991

“Earl Dent (from #6.7 “Harry’s Will” and #6.15 “High Control”) is out of money and wants to go into boxing as a pro. He enlists MacGyver as his coach.”

mac710-1 mac710-2 mac710-3 mac710-4 mac710-5 mac710-6 mac710-7 mac710-8 mac710-9 mac710-10 mac710-11 mac710-12 mac710-13 mac710-14 mac710-15 mac710-16 mac710-17 mac710-18 mac710-19 mac710-20 mac710-21 mac710-22 mac710-23 mac710-24 mac710-25 mac710-26 mac710-27 mac710-28 mac710-29 mac710-30 mac710-31 mac710-32 mac710-33 mac710-34 mac710-35 mac710-36 mac710-37 mac710-38 mac710-39 mac710-40 mac710-41 mac710-42 mac710-43 mac710-44 mac710-45 mac710-46 mac710-47 mac710-48 mac710-49 mac710-50 mac710-51 mac710-52 mac710-53 mac710-54

MacGyvCast 134

Deadly Silents

Season 7, Episode 9

Airdate: November 18th 1991

“Pinky, a star of silent films, is showing his films to MacGyver. Pinky hopes that The Phoenix Foundation will preserve his films. Pinky and his friend Karl were also good at building sets and making special effects. There was however, a problem: they were both in love with the same girl and became enemies. Two masked men invade Pinky’s house and take his films. Can MacGyver retrieve them?”

Macgyver S7 E09 – Deadly Silents
MacG-79-1 MacG-79-2 MacG-79-3 MacG-79-4 MacG-79-5 MacG-79-6 MacG-79-7 MacG-79-8 MacG-79-9 MacG-79-10 MacG-79-11 MacG-79-12 MacG-79-13 MacG-79-14 MacG-79-15 MacG-79-16 MacG-79-17 MacG-79-18 MacG-79-19 MacG-79-20 MacG-79-21 MacG-79-22 MacG-79-23 MacG-79-24 MacG-79-25 MacG-79-26 MacG-79-27 MacG-79-28 MacG-79-29 MacG-79-30 MacG-79-31 MacG-79-32 MacG-79-33 MacG-79-34 MacG-79-35 MacG-79-36 MacG-79-37 MacG-79-38 MacG-79-39 MacG-79-40 MacG-79-41 MacG-79-42 MacG-79-43 MacG-79-44

MacGyvCast 133

Good Knight MacGyver: Part 2

Season 7, Episode 8

Airdate: November 11th 1991

“After outwitting the evil Sir Duncan and escaping the clutches of Morgana, MacGyver and Merlin search for the kidnapped Cecilia. They not only free Cecilia and bring Morgana’s wizardry to an end, but they find MacGyver’s ancestor as well. Here, the first name of our protagonist is finally revealed…”

MacGyvCast 132

Good Knight MacGyver: Part 1

Season 7, Episode 7

Airdate: November 4th 1991

“While researching his family’s genealogy, MacGyver discovers that his family name was disgraced during the Middle Ages. He is then knocked unconscious and, not surprisingly, is transported through dreams to the time of King Arthur (a curious Pete look-alike!). Here he must confront some stubborn knights, convince Arthur that he is a friend, and set out in search of his forefathers.”

mac132-1 mac132-2 mac132-3 mac132-4 mac132-5 mac132-6 mac132-7 mac132-8 mac132-9 mac132-10 mac132-11 mac132-12 mac132-13 mac132-14 mac132-15 mac132-16 mac132-17 mac132-18 mac132-19 mac132-20 mac132-21

MacGyvCast 131

Walking Dead

Season 7, Episode 6

Airdate: Oct. 21st 1991

“MacGyver learns that a relative of his Haitian local shopkeeper, a victim of racketeering, is kidnapped but nobody in the neighborhood dares even talk to the police. Mac and voodoo priestess ‘mama Lorraine’ go after the extortionist gang, which consists of former members of late Haitian dictator Papa Doc’s ‘Tonton Macoute’ secret police, lead by colonel Devraux. In the process, Mac is captured and drugged but escapes, Lorraine is blackmailed to lend credence to the colonel’s show to manipulate the gullible exilees posing as Baron Samedi.”

Macgyver S7 E06 – The Walking Dead

Thomas Mikal Ford – IMDb

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MacGyvCast 130

The Coltons

Season 7, Episode 5

Airdate: 14th Oct. 1991
“Jesse Colton (last seen in #5.5), is shot while looking for his brother Frank (last seen in #5.3) and MacGyver. Luckily for him, he has a bullet-proof vest. He tracks the man, Egan, who shot him and surprises him and his accomplice. Meanwhile, MacGyver and Frank are tied up in a warehouse next to a bomb with a timer that has just over three minutes left in it. Turns out their last-second escape is just about all MacGyver does here – instead Frank and Jesse do all the action here, with some help from the third Colton, Billy (from #5.8). There’s a power struggle in Chinatown and they get involved in it.”

jesse right before bombdog leverdd acid asaimn ssssdd asian whore bad canuck cop badguytt bikedggg copsssssd cubagun cubasadclevon cubcokeeec dog ballls dog fired puppet dog killing cliche  frogsad god rad nice hotttt queer cash sdog killa dog gun attack  trinity wrong way, mean frogceelphone permwigdfff 1990sblock  doggggggg

MacGyvCast 129

The Prometheus Syndrome

Season 7, Episode 4

Airdate: Oct. 7th 1991
“There is an arsonist, called Prometheus, loose in MacGyver’s neighborhood. Naturally, the Fire Inspector and the police are clueless, and have enlisted MacGyver has to do all the real work to catch the arsonist.”

title for ep autodialer13 14point4 no door68 vasquez uorthodox76 audio worked well bad acting baby badguyreveal bigmommaaaaasddd blind guydddd bomb arrival bombssssssswwww  Eric Close in Macgyver - twink evil guy fat coppp fire dumpwww fire hallway fire hole 3 fire hole fredddy fire hands gloveeeeers jeeepeers mac blanket hider mac bomb mac old man hands mac waits for all men macduuuude missmommmmaasssasa odoyle pallatebomb patrol clock randy room stone cold vasquez tongue this womanssss vasquez gloves vasquez ending

MacGyvCast 128


Season 7, Episode 3

Airdate: 30th Sep. 1991

“While Mac and Pete are making sure that the trial of a Latin Dictator who’s being tried for his crimes goes smoothly, Mac thinks he sees Murdoc.”

axeman bad daddd baldeee bike brake missle launch blind pete bomb bombcarrrr bommbbbb court disco pete earrings exterior fake numbers i insist jackoff jackoff2 jackofff333 mac sleeping mac two mac was right maccccc macdeadmurdolock macismjiss muirderrrreed murder bill noreita pete coke secur smirkmurdoch startak

evilguy4 murdochtator traceblu jeppflif murdockgrimmacer

MacGyvCast 127

The ‘Hood

Season 7, Episode 2

Airdate: 23rd Sep. 1991

“MacGyver arrives at a new neighborhood in a moving truck. A ‘hood of surfer dudes, scantily clad roller-blade girls, bikers that look at the scantily clad roller-blade girls instead of where they are driving to, weirdos that come out of their house every morning at the same time, shouting “I am alive! I am free!”, a helpful landlord Mel and an aspiring actress Kelly from across the street. Then there are the two rich old men who have nefarious plans for the ‘hood. With neighbors like this, there is no need for criminals, terrorists or Murdoc.”

bikiblades black powerss bladerdd bus ride cocaine cunt coip2222 coke noser cpoppssss de222 dead lady evil cowoyyyy getaway 2222 gunoint mac vest and jeans melllleed meter maid gunt murder neck snipe nobdy cares not my fault old black lkady old man white guy party partyffff poor mans dave couleigh prettyy punnnch reboot robo intro shawn wayans stage lefffft the hood intro voodoo222 watchman dead girl getaway kelly vej

MacGyvCast 126

Honest Abe

Season 7, Episode 1

Airdate: 16th September 1991

A man in security guard uniform, carrying a briefcase, enters a hangar alone. There is a helicopter. The man enters the code that opens a storage room door. Inside the room, he steals a book that says “Stealth Helicopter Operating Manual – Top Secret” and a key-card that opens the helicopter. He replaces the fire extinguisher in the copter with one in his briefcase. Finally, he just flies away in the copter. Elsewhere, MacGyver meets his Jewish godson Jeffrey, who’s bar mitzvah is going to be on the following day. Jeffrey’s father isn’t on the best of terms with his own father, but Jeffrey is convinced that his grandfather will attend the bar mitzvah. Jeffrey entrusts the picking up of his grandfather to MacGyver. Granpa tells MacGyver he has to pick up Jeffrey’s present from the post office. He sees a man in a suit, wearing an earpiece, standing in guard outside the post office. He asks MacGyver to pick up the packet that is waiting there, addressed to an alias… There is a tracker inside the envelope, so the suits can see that it is moving. When MacGyver exits the post office, the suit pulls a gun on him… what is going on?

airwolf ridge benste bensteinnnder cheese eating kid chelly copter eye flipppertf fqatcopppp hang harding hellllddd iceicebb ismert jewkider knockout mac son macchilll macrace old carrr peugot ruined car secret chopper secretddd tubassss vampireman

MacGyvCast 125


Season 6, Episode 21

Airdate: May 6th 1991

“MacGyver visits Pete Thornton in the hospital, where Pete is to have eye surgery. They talk and reminisce about their many adventures together.”

blind blindness guy cab flash jack mirorr lesss maccccccc macccddds miami mac mullet pete and mac pete tan plum shirt psa number psa season 5 ep 7 TAKEOFFFFFF

MacGyvCast 124

Trail of Tears

Season 6, Episode 20

Airdate: April 29th 1991


“MacGyver and the Phoenix Foundation are trying to help an Indian lawyer who’s going to court to prevent a power company from building just outside their sacred land. When he loses, MacGyver decides to have some research done via satellite. When the company’s rep hears of this, he worries what they might find. In the meantime, the lawyer was about to throw in the towel when an old Indian talks to him. MacGyver goes to the reservation and discovers that the lawyer has taken arms and is doing what he has to to stop the company. Later, the rep shoots MacGyver in an attempt to frame the lawyer. While the rep chases the lawyer, MacGyver escapes and holes up in an old mine where the old man comes to him. He helps MacGyver and tries to show him what he showed the lawyer. MacGyver, upon seeing it, wonders the vision caused the lawyer to go on a rampage. He tells MacGyver, he probably misinterpreted what he showed him. And he gives MacGyver some information he needs.”

aangelmac c4 coattt dead boy dreammm ernest furtt kidssss missle predator retarken rolllddd shotmac startec

MacGyvCast 123

Season 6, Episode 19

Strictly Business 

Airdate: April 8th 1991
After his sister dies in an avalanche, Murdoc decides to resume working for his former employer, HIT. In order to regain their trust, he has to take on MacGyver once again.

bill and ted council brass monkey chair smash cherbub danger dinner with murdoch divveee dummy evilll greep grenade jeans knife ttoooo laddyyyee lash leap macgyvrer rocketee mid jumm my bloody MacValentine neck knife phone elaoborate red face rocket 333 rocket rubble knife Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 8.09.04 PM shotty skull ring splose titleees web

MacGyvCast 122

Season 6, Episode 18

Faith, Hope & Charity

Airdate: March 18th 1991
MacGyver steps into a bear trap in the woods while tracking a wolf. Luckily for him, two friendly elderly sisters, who are not friends of bear traps, take him home with them and take care of him.

body car falls hgggg hot mop hunt jam gun jam gunnin lawn misery mobster mop2 newfie old bait sneak trap trapggg tunnn wagon

MacGyvCast 121

Season 6, Episode 17

Blind Faith 

Airdate: March 4th 1991

mac burn

A man has been killed in broad daylight and Pete is at the scene. A stranger passes Pete by and whispers into his ear: “It’s off.” When Pete is looking at sketches of the suspects, MacGyver notices that Pete has trouble with his vision. Agent Stams from DXS arrives to meet Pete. Phoenix took on the job of returning Samantha Lora, a political fugitive, to her home country. Samantha’s supporters were going to deliver a videotape stolen from San Pablo presidential palace showing summary executions of 200 political prisoners, when they ran into a death squad waiting for them. Pete was supposed to get the tape because they have a 6 p.m. deadline for a media conference about its contents at a local broadcasting station, but the man who has it took off when the death squad appeared and his whereabouts are unknown. Samantha is the only one who knows how to contact him. And for her, Phoenix has arranged a safe place until her transport to San Pablo leaves. Pete and MacGyver go to pick up Samantha when she arrives undercover. Samantha calls the number at which the man with the tape can be contacted. He then calls her back and agrees a time and place where he will deliver the tape. MacGyver gets to be the pick-up man. But underlings of the president of San Pablo are on his tail...”
bad guy bad blind dark jl judge  mac jacket orange phone pad pussss rope Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 16.57.46 viagra burned sad face firere

MacGyvCast 120

S6:E16 – There But for the Grace

Airdate: Feb. 18th 1991

Two guys whack a priest in the head with a metal pipe, drag him into a construction site and proceed to rob him of everything valuable. Meanwhile, MacGyver and a woman are attending a hearing about the homeless situation in the area and start wondering why Father Jim is late. The woman is Rachel, Father Jim’s assistant whom he had instructed to say to MacGyver “black and blue” should he be late. It’s an old expression from their hockey days, a call for help. Then the word arrives: Father Jim has been taken to hospital in a critical condition. He makes little sense as he mumbles something of Danny and Doc. The police deem it unlikely that the muggers will be caught. Then the doctor comes with the news: Father Jim has expired. It’s time for MacGyver to start an investigation of his own.”

bcop bed side billy b blade bridge danny dr evil hack he dies hobo poncho hobo whisperer hobo hoboeee judge cyt old mac pipe sniff scarf stuntrman

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MacGyvCast 119

Season 6, Episode 15

Airdate: Feb. 11th 1991

High Control

“Earl Dent’s been paroled and asks MacGyver for help. He gets him a job. But some of his former associates wants him to take them to someone who betrayed them. But Dent refuses so they proceed to frame him and tell him that unless he helps them, he’s going down. When Mac hears of this he takes out his old bike and goes and joins them. However Dent’s parole officer is following them.”

gaaay mac nerd g tryke macism gay bikk leaher daddy stripper pete work ooooh coollddd crash cooler cool scared bald daddy black2