Who is Gio?

Superfan Giovanni(coined by Teresa Strasser on Jan 22nd 2008 during the KLSX ACS) is a frequent contributor to Adam Carolla and his podcast empire as well as the premier archivist of Classic Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew content.

For a more in depth look at Giovanni and his story see episode #37 of Dr. Drew’s podcast linked below.

Giovanni now hosts the official Classic Loveline Podcast on Podcastone as well it’s spiritual predecessor his own long running G.I.O. Get It On Podcast and a series of other goofy projects he doesn’t expect you to take seriously.

Giovanni’s Guest Appearances

Adam and Drew Show #9

ACS Archive – Gio on ACP Episodes #188, #206, and #257 and ACS episodes 62 and 240

Giovanni on Far Out! Episode #8

Giovanni on Far Out! Episode #50

Giovanni on Far Out! Episode #172

GIO on Episodes 11×12, 13×02 and 13×16


Giovanni on PodKward #20 and #33

GIO on Episodes #93 #134 #179

Giovanni on Episodes #11 and #33

Giovanni on Low Budget Fm

GIO on Episode #33

Rucka Nucka Podcast #1

GIO on the other JRE Podcast

GIO on Episodes #3 and #8

GIO on Mitchcast 126

Gio on Episode 4