Podgodz 289: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Recorded 22 May 2018

Saw Deadpool 2 (Heavy Spoilers) – You’ve been warned, this is what we do.

Watch Mr. Robot season 3

Finished Altered Carbon

Watched Lost in Space 2018

Finished McMafia

Up to Date on The Americans


Thoughts on Mask of the Phantasm


Non White Roll Call

Asian Ho

Black Ho

Black Security Guard

Black mob Boss called Buzz Bronksi, the only black Pole?

Black Doctor: racism SOLVED

Asian Nurse: back to being kinda racist


Bechdel Test?

Oh fuck no.


This is the old days, where a movie was something longer than 70 minutes. Made for TV movies are longer than this.

Bad CG opening animation

Lackluster VO from Conroy, especially as Bruce Wayne

I liked this old de-powered de-geared Batman. He’s not a a fucking ninja with a rail gun.


That isn’t how consent works young Mr. Wayne.

Dana Delaney is possibly the world’s best detective, not Batman.


So, politician scuzball – your father didn’t come? Wait just a moment…

So Bruce Wayne was a teenage orphan in the 3os? When the fuck is this supposed to be? And there’s a car phone with a dial?


Bitches always be distracting Batman. Either he kicks ass or smashes puss, never both. Also, nice to know this means he never gave a rat’s ass for Robin and he should should have been called expendable target boy.

I didn’t for one minute think the father was the Phantasm. I realized it was her during the dubious consent session.


For such a short ‘movie’ it sure moves slow.

Batman has maybe learned something about consent, but not boundaries.


Hoo boy, some dodgy animation at times.

It’s okay they show him smoking in the past, we have already seen him dying of emphysema in the present.


So, Alfred totally peeped on them fucking, didn’t he?

So scumbag politician knows he sold out Papa Phantasm to his death, should have set that up a little better earlier.


How are we supposed to think The Joker knew she was The Phantasm?

So why did she take of her armourer cowl and cape that was clearly bullet proof?


I like that between the cleaver and the baloney dildo, he whacked her with the meat.

So who kept up maintenance on the humungous high bypass turbo-fan for the last…20 years?


So Bruce only really falls for fucked up crazy chicks. At least he has a type.

The Godzilla fight on little future Gotham City, that was actually pretty good.


So just where do you suppose The Joker finds the money to buy so man explosives? He just blew up a fucking theme park, that’s gonna run you some cheddar.


And we end with some 80s cool jazz sax

All in all, maybe this would have been better as a three parter?


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