Podgodz 288

Recorded 15 May 2018

Clearing the fucking backlog!!! Down to 1.7 gigs(!) – LAX

Food playlist? CLEARED

TV Guidance Counsellor? Almost cleared April!

Nostalgia: THE MOVIE




Add: -/-


Updates: Junkfood Cinema: Josie and the Pussy Cats


Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good


Top 10 shows of the Week – LAX


Up for contention but not making the list this week

No Agenda #1030: Phoneliness, #1031: Dog Dazer, #1032: Going Vertical

Eureka Podcast #262: The Boys Take Cover

Somehow I Manage #8: That’s What She Said, #7 Second Drink

Omnibus: Tylenol Murders

Skip to the End #95: Avengers: Infinity War


LAX Top 10

10) Defocused #193: Four Prominent Trucks (T2)

9)   No Such Thing as a Fish #216: Lobster War

8)   Jim Jefferies Show Podcast #19: Cheerleaders

7)   No Agenda #1033: Swagger

6)   Do By Friday: Snot Yoga

5)   Roadwork #110: The Story of John Roderick

4)   Defocused #192: Grow a Meat-Sleeve (T1)

3)   Omnibus: Backyard Blast Furnace, The Moon Illusion

2)   Reconcilable Differences #77: Prodigal Bird (punctuality)

1)    Eureka Podcast #263: I Knows You Think You’re Being Nice, but Stop It.



10. Legion of Skanks #361
09. TVGC #296 Alexandra Paul
08. WTF #915 Josh Brolin
07. No Agenda 1033 ‘Swagger’ and 80’s All Over June 1983
06. Resume: The Watercooler #120 Ranch Dressing on Everything
05. Defocused Four Prominent Trucks: T2
04. The 40 Year Old Boy Episode Forty-Two, Year Ten
03. AD #436 and Mother’s Day Ignorance Bonus
02. ADS #825 Murdered By The Golden State Killer
01. ACS #2325 John Cena and Diane Farr

Also Runners: Doughboys double Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, ACS #2323 Donna D’Erico, ACS #2322 Rob Riggle.

Hated it: We’ll See You in Hell 4.52


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.

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