Podgodz 281

Recorded 20 March 2018



Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Recorded 20 March 2018

Salute Your Shorts (1991)


S01 E02: Zeke the Plumber, 5 June 1991.

Bobby’s ghost story gets campers believing in a ghostly dream-invading custodian who uses an accursed plunger to suck secrets out of kids’ heads.


Lax Thoughts: Counselor is creepy. Ginger mullet is creepy. It’s supposed to be a summer camp, if it’s that dark its 10pm. Awful lot of non-speaking diversity. Why are only the girls diverse? Was the only black girl adopted by white people? I hope they are OK with her being a lesbian.


That, my friend, looks like a Macintosh Portable.


Why is the white trash bully, abused by his parents, at Summer camp for rich white kids?


Implying that the fat kid with a lisp can’t appreciate the difference between cuts of potato chips offends me.


Yeah, fat kids are always making jokes about being fat.


Some really quality productions, at 15:12 they pan and show the shoulder and sleeve of the director beside the camera.


Ginger goes to battle Ewok style. YUB YUB!


So…fat kid is also retarded?


Evil ginger was totally not hiding in that garbage can. Pop does not stay agitated that long.


Kids Thoughts: His video call looks like ass. Why is there one less girl? Why is one sleeping on top of an empty bottom bunk? Why are they all so stupid?


S01 Eo8: Donkeylips and Sponge Weigh In, 19 June 1991

Donkeylips and Sponge want to join the wrestling tournament so they can win a lobster dinner and Budnick’s latest scheme is to save the kids from eating gumbo surprise by ordering burgers from a stand outside the camp.


Lax Thoughts: They seem to be dressed as if fresh out of a Boys 2 Men video. So many fat jokes. But wrestling is their life! If they can’t compete they’re nothing. Black lesbian to the rescue! Ginger is creepy as fuck and sounds like he smokes a pack a day.


Spooge wants to mistreat them all when he is rich and they are his servants.


Yeah, you always pay for your fast foot after it has been prepared, and happily received in coin.


Yep, women are just bitches that take your money and string you along.


Was this shot on a camcorder?


Wait, so the councilor wants to party with them? That’s creepy.


Wah wah, garbage follies. Why are there 10 times as many wrappers as they delivered?


Wah wah…the scale was 5 pounds off.


Yeah, you are worthless. Go kill yourself fatty.


Kid Thoughts: This blows.


S02 E01: Goodbye Michael, Hello Pinsky, 1 June 1992

Michael has contracted chicken pox and will not be returning to camp. However, Ronnie Pinsky has arrived to take his place, much to Budnick’s chagrin.


Lax Thoughts: Michale was recast, his coke habit and rent boy abuse was too much for the network. The music is bad. The filming is bad, it looks like old news footage.


Enter the hot new piece of ass. All the chicks went sploosh. He seems to be more interested in Salami though.


Yeah, millennial chicks were all about jazz piano! That’s their jam.


Kid Thoughts. This did not pass the Beckindale test. Was this meant for babies?


S02 E08: Sponge Goes to the Movies, 17 June 1992

Pinsky’s discovery of Sponge’s modem leads to a double date at the movie theater, with the rest of the gang following along to spy on them.


My Thoughts: Maybe the councilor shouldn’t be talking about his sex life with the female campers? What happened to the Mac Portable? Now it’s a…Mac Classic II. Bitches be shopping. Fat be ordering food. Black lady be all about basketball. Stereotype be stereotyping.




Ronnie Pinsky is now serving 25 years for insider trading, he also heinously sexually harassed all his female employees.


Ronnie Pinsky is the fucking worst.


I wonder of that’s the production’s spare camcorder?


Helga looks like she was smacked in the face with a shovel, like the characters from Lilo and Stitch. No shit she isn’t Swedish!

I like how none of the extras are allowed to talk. They needed to save that $2.50.


And creepy counsellor tries to abduct a girl. NICE!


Spooge then makes out with shovel face.


Kid Thoughts: Why would you freak out about calling people? Just message them!

In two weeks we watch…I’m just not sure yet.


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