Podgodz 276

Recorded 6 February 2018

Altered Carbon


The Cloverfield Paradox



Add: -/-

Drop: Clockwise from RelayFM because of evil advertiser



Top 10 shows of the Week


Up for contention but not making the list this week

No Agenda #1002: Ras-Putin, #1004: Micro Livestock

Do By Friday: I Feel Like a Poor

TV Talk Machine #153: They’re Like Floppy Disks

You’re The Expert: Ghost Snakes

No Such Thing As A Fish #201: Lobsters at the Lobster Festival


LAX Top 10

10) TV Guidane Counsellor #278: Matt Nix

9)   Defocused #181: A Peeled Grape (21 Jump Street)

8)   Skip To The End #88: Coco

7)   Hello Internet #96: The Humblehug

6)   The Incomparable Radio Theatre 2.5: I’ll Write Now

5)   Eureka Podcast #249: Jeremy is a Hero

4)   No Agenda #1003: Doomsday Sandwich #1005: Circular Reporting

3)   Omnibus: Thomas Midgley, Mummy Brown, Mutual Assured Destruction, Death Discs.

2)   The Intercepted Bonus: The NFL’s Violent Ballet

1)   Do By Friday I Fifteen Love You


GIO Top 10

#10. The 40 Year Old Boy Japan Day Two/Three
#09. LBFM Constructive feedback welcome
#08. Suicide Buddies Jack Cole
#07. AD #422 Makin’ Six Figures
#06. Reasonable Doubt #131
#05. The Incomparable #381 That’s me only shirt
#04. TVGC #279 Obehi Janice
#03. We’ll See you in hell 4.38/After Disaster #423
#02. Defocused 182
#01. TVGC #278 Matt Nix

Also Runners: NA #1002 and #1003, Best Debate #86 and #87, Smodcast #386

Hate Ya Bro!: DGH Runalot Jumpalot, Doughboyos double force awakens commentary, HDTGM #181, Smodcast #390

Adds: Do By Friday, Omnibus, Rock Out wwith Your Doc Out, Lead Singer Syndrome

Drops: The longshot


On Next Week’s Gio and Lax Watch… something I will hate.


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.

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