Podgodz 238

Recorded 28 March 2017

Anyone want some mother trucking rain? Because today we got ALL OF IT.

Got my Apple Ear Pods.


LAX Top 10



Drop: Untitled Adam Savage Project. Everything MaxFun (Judge John Hodgeman, International Waters, Dead Pilot Society)

Updates: Tobolowsky Files is back for…10 episodes? Dana Gould Hour.


Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good

See all my drops. #MaxfUNLISTENABLE


Top 5 shows of the Week


Up for contention but not making the list this week

The Irrelevant Show: Titles starts with Important Man song

Skip to the End #67: Get Out

No Such Thing as a Fish #156, #157

You’re the Expert: Colorful Dyes and Fluorescence

The Talk Show with John Gruber #184: Hubbo Is in Decline with Merlin Mann


Top 10

10) No Agenda #915 One Belt One Road, #914 Fack Base, #913 Toxic Chat, #912: Bully Box

9)   TV Guidance Counselor #214: Brice Beckham

8)   Intercepted: Snowden vs. Trump

7)    Defocused #141: Always the Toddsmaid, Never the Todd (slit scan and crackers)

6)   Eureka Podcast #207: Standing at the Edge of Tomorrow.

5)   Do By Friday: Metal Nature Shit (use your voice)

4)   Top 4 #26: Holidays

3)   The Incomparable #345: Evil Giggle

2)   Do By Friday: The Ennoblement of Water (meditate)

1)    Radio Lab Shots Fired: Part 1


GIO Top 10

10. FCOL ‘Did I Really Just Say That’
9. Reasonable Doubt #86 and #87
8. ADS #543 NOT OK RAY
7. AD #378 and #379
6. JRE #936 Colin Moriarty
5. The 40 Year Old Boy Episode Forty, Year Nine
4. TV Guidance Counselor #214 Brice Beckham
3. Junk food Cinema ‘Scanners’
2. ACS #2035 No Guest
1. ACS #2032 James Gunn

Also runners: CUpodcast #94, TFATK #242 Jim Norton, Carcast #911, GLL #799 Fatboy Slim, We’ll see you in hell 4.3 and 4.4, WTF #795 Paul Rust and Dax Shepard, Chewin’ It Jay Chandrasekhar #4, JRE #933 Julie Kedzie, TFATK #244 Frank Grillo, The 40 Year Old Boy Episode Forty-One, Year Nine, Defocused #140, YMIW Sarah Silverman Returns, TFV Listener Questions VII, Sketchy 255 Moonwalker.

Hate it: Defocused #139, How Did This Get Made #158
Adds: Talk Salad And Scrambled Eggs
Drops: Dumb People Town


On Next Week’s Gio and Lax Watch shit Lax picked G.I. Joe The Movie


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.

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