Podgodz 198 (CXCVIII)

Recorded 10 June 2016

I saw X-Men Apocalypse – Lax

Stitcher, formerly owned by Deezer (Euro music streamer) is now owned by E.W. Scripps who owns Midroll (podcast ad sales, owner of Ear Wolf/Howl) – they want to destroy podcasting.


Add: Ungeniused #1, NAPSOT


Updates: The Bugle – going on without

Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good

Top 5 shows of the Week

Up for contention but not making the list this week

TV Talk Machine

Let’s Talk About Star Wars #5: Ventress’s Hair Strikes Back

Roadwork #31: Socks and Gloves


Top 5 Lax

5) No Agenda #832: Cissexist Hxstory

4) Planet Money #704: Open Office

3) Making It #73: Eyeball Trauma

2) Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids #312: I’m not one of those psycho girls (Vancouver)

1)  TV Guidance Counsellor #154: Elizabeth Crane


GIO Top 5

  • 5. Harmontown #200 Simulation
  • 4. ACS #1838/ ACS #1839
  • 3. Never Not Funny #1817 – Diedrich Bader
  • 2. AD #338/ TFV Top 5 Clowns
  • 1. ARIYNBF Alison’s News/ Dune Reads Night Of The Living Dummy III parts 1 and 2
  • Also Runners: Race Wars ‘kenniggie’, Phone Booth fighting #34, Fitzdog Radio Bobby Lee, CUPodcast #74, This Life #32 Mike Carano

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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.