Podgodz 188

Recorded 10 Feb 2015

Fuck FedEx

Trying out Sean and Bo Show





Drop: Eli The Tech Guy

Updates: New Extra Hot Great podcasts, Serial Season 1 updates

Up to 1.7 gigs on my phone.

Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good

Top 5 shows of the Week

Up for contention but not making the list this week

Doug Loves Movies: Ben Schwartz, Noel Wells, Neal Brennan and Ken Reid

Roderick on the Line #187 The Nicest Oubliette#188: Crow Meth

Roadwork #19: Space Lizards


Top 5

5) Extra Hot Great #104: A Little Taste (just a game)

4) Top Scallop #8: A Potato Sack of Lobster Tails

3) TV Guidance Counselor #131: Jan Davidson, #132: Chris Duffy

2) Defocused #82: Fear Factor Frontier (The Revenant)

1)  The Inconceivable Game Show :#29 Laser Cars are Really Sweet



#5 FCOL ‘There Are No Perfect Ones’/ The After Disaster #320

#4 This Life #14 Jake Fogelnest/ CBB #399 Gilbert Gottfried

#3 Anna Faris is Unqualified #13 Adam Carolla

#2 Bertcast #160 Adam Carolla, Sketchy #199/#200

#1 ACS #1754 Jay Mohr and David Wild, MAftWoMC #127


Also Runners: Roderick #188 ‘Crow Meth’, Fight Companion Feb. 6th, The 40 Year Old Boy Thirty Nine, Year Eight, OG Kings of Podcasting Season 2, Episode 10.
Hated: Harmontown #183 (they try to tell a midget he has white privilege), NNF #1725 Cristela Alonzo and more!


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.