GLL Episode 1158

CLL #1158 (feat. Ali Landry)

03/07/2000 Tuesday Night Show

Source – Unknown Zone 105 Source (2000)

An episode first recovered over 15 years ago, now remastered with the breaks restored. Ali making her 3rd of 4 total appearances on Loveline. She was previously on CLL #607 and CLL #935. She returns for her final appearance on the show in 2002. This episode is 99.9% complete. Missing just over a minute from the opening of first segment and less than 30 seconds from the end of the first segment, along with the outgoing bumpers that could not be replaced due to not knowing which were used for which break. 

From WikiAli Germaine Landry[1] (born July 21, 1973) is an American actress, model, and beauty pageant titleholder who won Miss USA 1996. She played Rita Lefleur on the UPN sitcom Eve and was the Doritos Girl in a 1998 Super Bowl commercial. In 1998, she was named by People magazine as one of 50 most beautiful people in the world.[2]

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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