GLL Episode 626

CLL #626 (feat. John Tesh) 02/22/1998 – Sunday Night Show

Source Freshly Transferred JBJ Tape (2009) with TobyDog Tape (2008) patches

This episode features a rare Joycelyn Elders intro, clearly from a lost episode possibly even CLL #625 which is now missing, this date is triple confirmed via the source tapes and guest clues. CLL #627 and #628 will be best of episodes from Dec. 1997. John is making his 2nd known appearance on CLL, he first visit was on Episode #105 from 02/22/1996 exactly two years earlier. John proves to be even more fun the 2nd time around and stays until the end of the show having fun with the boys, solid ep.


GLL Episode 148

CLL #148 (feat. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee)

04/23/1996 – Tuesday Night Show

Source: “LovelineFan” Tape (2012) Unknown Recording Source with DickRicky Post Processing

Songs Played: “Planet Boom” from the Barb Wire Soundtrack

This is the first appearance of both Pam and Tommy of the Adam era, Adam has a long history with both of them on air starting with this show, this ep contains a discussion of the leaked sex tape, Adam’s vow to never watch it would come later and he would hold true for almost 5 years.

Tommy lets Adam drive his Ferrari

They’re promoting the 1996 film “Barb Wire” and Tommy’s song from the soundtrack was played during the show.

Adam checks out Pamela’s latest Playboy spread and tells her to not be so modest.

This is the only known appearance of Pam and Tommy on the show together and the only known appearance of Pamela outside of the MTV show promoting “VIP”.

There may be more appearances for both that we discover as we fill out this archive.

Adam Carolla has recently been discussing this very episode on his current Adam Carolla show podcast, circa Feb. 2014.

CJ Seabear



Podgodz 196

Recorded 25 May 2016

Good god I am tired.


LAX Top 5

Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good

99% Invisible, Dr. Drew and Skelator (in a hat) Podcast


Up for contention but not making the list this week

Acidental Tech Podcast #170: Casey Beats John, 29-29

Defocused #98: Look I So Lolcats To Young Eyes? (The Mummy)


Top 5

5) No Agenda #827: ELBOOB

4) Bonanza #17: Portable Mechanical Bulls for Moments of Solitude

3) Defocused #97: A Trunk Full of Captain America Juice.

2) Reconcilable Differences #26: One Dollar Cat

1)  TV Guidance Counsellor #151: Ben Edlund


GIO Top 5


  1. The 40-Year-Old Boy Year 8 interlude/ TV Guidance Counselor #151
  2. Sketchy #209 and #210
  3. Phone booth fighting #31 Adam Carolla/ B.E.E. – John Carpenter
  4. RD #44 Whitey might Riot
  5. The Adventures of Danny and Mike One Shot #3

Also Runners: CBB $20 Rogue Wave and Haley Joel Osment, Fatman #129,

Did not care for it: Harmontown #197, CBB #423, Gilmore Guys #701 and #702 194 and 172 min.? Nerdist #789, Nerdist 805


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.

MacGyvCast 121

Season 6, Episode 17

Blind Faith 

Airdate: March 4th 1991

mac burn

A man has been killed in broad daylight and Pete is at the scene. A stranger passes Pete by and whispers into his ear: “It’s off.” When Pete is looking at sketches of the suspects, MacGyver notices that Pete has trouble with his vision. Agent Stams from DXS arrives to meet Pete. Phoenix took on the job of returning Samantha Lora, a political fugitive, to her home country. Samantha’s supporters were going to deliver a videotape stolen from San Pablo presidential palace showing summary executions of 200 political prisoners, when they ran into a death squad waiting for them. Pete was supposed to get the tape because they have a 6 p.m. deadline for a media conference about its contents at a local broadcasting station, but the man who has it took off when the death squad appeared and his whereabouts are unknown. Samantha is the only one who knows how to contact him. And for her, Phoenix has arranged a safe place until her transport to San Pablo leaves. Pete and MacGyver go to pick up Samantha when she arrives undercover. Samantha calls the number at which the man with the tape can be contacted. He then calls her back and agrees a time and place where he will deliver the tape. MacGyver gets to be the pick-up man. But underlings of the president of San Pablo are on his tail...”
bad guy bad blind dark jl judge  mac jacket orange phone pad pussss rope Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 16.57.46 viagra burned sad face firere

GLL Episode 624

CLL #624 (feat. Anka Radakovich)

02/18/1998 – Wednesday Night Show

Source Kevin Tape (2016)

This episode features a bumper from a lost Traci Lords episode, either from early 98 or sometime in 1997 it seems. Anka is making her CLL debut, continuing their pre and post Valentine’s Day bookings of female “sex experts.” Anka Radakovich is an author and columnist, often considered the first modern sex columnist through her pioneering column in Details magazine, which ran from 1990 to 1999. This episode previously only existed in 38min and 11min clips from my previous transfers, now complete thanks to Kevin. Now only missing 13.9sec of show content from the tape flip and a lost 2.5sec after the 1:04:30 mark of the episode along with the final 25sec of the last break.



LoveLine Tapes – Unused Partial Recordings


Podgodz 195

Recorded 16 May 2016

Captain America: Civil War

Eureka Ends

Looking for a film podcast

Schmidt Update (what’s gone wrong this month?)

‘Podcasters’ bitching and moaning to Apple about needing intrusive data.

Ken Reid’s Vanity Project Album – 20 May



Add: Making It, Skip to the End /Film, The Way I heard It.

Drop: None

Updates: None


Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good

Eureka Podcast Special Announcement May 7: BOOOOOOOOO


Top 5 shows of the Week


Up for contention but not making the list this week

Roadwork #28: Casual Shinto Exposure

TV Talk Machine #81: So Much Weird Stuff Is Happening Right Now

Roadwork #27: The Vampire Cross

Roderick on the Line #199: The Wrong Kind of Warlock


Top 5 Lax

5) Podcast Without Pretense #150: Explicit doesn’t begin to describe this episode

4) The Irrelevant Show: 6 May 2016 Our First Show in Kelowna

3) TV Guidance Counselor #148: Jordan Handren-Seavey, #149: Brian Gordon

2) The Incomparable #300: The Incomparable is People

1)  Eureka Podcast #163: Is Somebody Cuttin’ Onions?


Top 5 Gio

#5 – ACS #1820 and ACS #1821
#4 – ADS #338: For The Birds/ TV Guidance #150
#3 – ARIYNBF – Mike Schmidt
#2 – Dr. Drew Podcast #223
#1 – Dr. Drew Podcast #224 with Mike Carano/The 40yr Old Boy Episode 52, year eight

Also Up for Contention: TV Guidance Counselor Eps; 148, 149, 149.5, Roderick #200, JRE #798, Jesse vs cancer 46 parts 1 and 2, WTF #707 Natasha Leggero, AD #334 bear patrol, NNF 1813, Carcast #819 Josh Barnett, ARIYNBF Alison’s Potato face.

Hate Ya! This Life #29, JRE #800 bobcat, JRE #799, The Cannon ‘Se7en’ YMIW Alex Borstein


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.

MacGyvCast 120

S6:E16 – There But for the Grace

Airdate: Feb. 18th 1991

Two guys whack a priest in the head with a metal pipe, drag him into a construction site and proceed to rob him of everything valuable. Meanwhile, MacGyver and a woman are attending a hearing about the homeless situation in the area and start wondering why Father Jim is late. The woman is Rachel, Father Jim’s assistant whom he had instructed to say to MacGyver “black and blue” should he be late. It’s an old expression from their hockey days, a call for help. Then the word arrives: Father Jim has been taken to hospital in a critical condition. He makes little sense as he mumbles something of Danny and Doc. The police deem it unlikely that the muggers will be caught. Then the doctor comes with the news: Father Jim has expired. It’s time for MacGyver to start an investigation of his own.”

bcop bed side billy b blade bridge danny dr evil hack he dies hobo poncho hobo whisperer hobo hoboeee judge cyt old mac pipe sniff scarf stuntrman

Gif that Lax referenced



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GLL Episode 623

CLL #623 (feat. The Love Between The Two Hosts)

02/17/1998 – Tuesday Night Show

Source Kevin Tape (2016) with Spinfly Tape (2009) Patch at the end to complete the show.

This newly transferred Kevin Tape is the only known copy on earth of this long lost episode, there was nothing else that could be found to patch in and then at the last moment I discovered this chunk I pulled off of a Spinfly Tape 7yrs ago, boom complete episode only missing 2.6-5.4sec of show audio for the tape flip. Just Classic Adam & Drew sans guest. You can’t hear this one anywhere else.

LL Enforcers -03g

LoveLine Tapes – Closing minute of show found off a misdated tape

GLL Episode 622

CLL #622 (feat. Kelly Ashton)

02/16/1998 – Monday Night Show

Source Kevin Tape (2016) with MissyG Tape (2014) and JBJ Tape (2008) patches.

This Episode is now complete with a new Kevin Tape, Kelly proved to be a controversial guest, once again you decide for yourself and this is her one and only appearance on the show. Kelly Ashton is a pornographic film actress.


LoveLine Tapes 

GLL Episode 621

CLL #621 (feat. Tiffany Mynx) – 02/15/1998

Sunday Night Show

Source Kevin Tape (2016) with JBJ Tape (2008) Patches

This one is a couple days late, sorry, due to a misdated tape it had to be researched, The Kevin tape had it listed as February 19th but the JBJ tape had it listed as it’s now correct date of February 15th, Adam discusses his Valentine’s Day activities and the boys get into their day of taping the MTV version of the show. Tiffany is making her one and only known appearance on the show. Tiffany Mynx is an American pornographic actress and film director.